Tales of Birbal at Big Imaginations Festival

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Image courtesy of Z-arts

Tales of Birbal at Z-arts, Manchester, 4 November 2017, from £6 - Book now

If little people you know are fans of clever banter and getting answers to life’s big questions such as how a person can survive in a freezing lake, what is the fastest thing in the world, how many crows there are in a kingdom and whether the chicken or the egg came first, this is the show for you.

Escape into bewitching worlds together from the times of the Moghul Emperors from this imaginative production from Mashi Theatre (derived from the Bengali word for “auntie” whose role it is to pass on stories).

Aimed at young audiences from age six, expect some imaginative staging and to smile a great deal as you encounter roaming storytellers Mashi and Bhanji.  Pulling their hand-pulled rickshaw, this memorable pair make a crust by reconstructing in their own unique ways mesmerising tales of Moghul King Akbar and his legendary advisor Birbal.

Birbal is known in south Asian folklore as being a bit of an all-round clever clogs, trickster and problem solver who would outsmart all who set him challenges, including the mighty King Akbar himself who often took part in these escapades in disguise to test loyalty.

Whether the tales are familiar or being enjoyed for the first time, we love that this show offers drama, song, magic, incredible puppetry and a whole lot of cheekiness. It’s an engaging reimagining of treasured tales and legends from the Indian sub-continent as they are passed on to a whole new generation.  Oh, and there are some seriously funny fake beards.

Tales of Birbal is part of the Big Imaginations Festival which brings 9 remarkable shows to 26 venues across the North West this autumn. See it at Touchstones Rochdale on 25 October, Unity Theatre on 27 October, Kingsfold Library on 28 October, Astley Cheetham Gallery on 30 October, The Dukes on 1 November, The Bureau on 2 November, Tarvin Community Centre on 3 November and The Boo on 5 November.

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Tales of Birbal at Z-arts, Manchester

4 November 2017 2:30 pm
From £6