Parcels at The Ritz

Johnny James, Managing Editor

Parcels at The Ritz, Manchester, 27 September 2022, from £23.15 - Book now

Fusing funk, disco and pop, Australian quintet Parcels hit the road with brand new music from their second album Day/Night.

Pitched between The Beach Boys and Chic, Parcels’ 2018 self-titled debut LP was a masterclass in disco-infused pop. Tunes like ‘Lightenup’ and ‘Tieduprightnow’ were packed with irresistible ’70s grooves, sleek-as-hell melodies and pristine production, handled by the band. It felt both timely and from a different era – a rare feat, and one that catapulted them to international acclaim, touring the globe and even working alongside Daft Punk.

Parcels, now based in Berlin, took their sweet time on album number two, and it shows. The ambitious Day/Night is made up of two self-contained albums, the first representing day, and the second, you guessed it… with the lyrics speaking to the way such a cyclical nature comes to define our existence. “Day/Night tackles opposing topics of identity vs anonymity, family vs independence, belonging vs isolation and nostalgia vs projection; the self and the shadow self”, say the band.

Day/Night features 19 tracks in total, including the singles ‘Free’, ‘Comingback and ‘Somethinggreater’. Matching its scale, the record is vast and cinematic in sound, channelling tropes of western folk and classic pop, resulting in a new sound the band describes as “Cowboy Disco”. Big sweeping strings, arranged by Owen Pallett, are arguably the most noticeable new addition to their long-defined sound, bringing a sweeping grandeur to the familiar luscious vocal harmonies and snappy songwriting.

Parcels’ musicianship, particularly on the live stage, is pretty special; their live shows quickly helped gain the band a devout following at gigs long before they dropped their debut album. We last caught them in at Manchester Academy 2 in 2018, and it was one of those gigs that you makes you, for a few sweet hours, forget the world beyond the venue’s four walls. We look forward to seeing them graduate to The Ritz on 27 September.

Parcels at The Ritz, Manchester

27 September 2022 7:00 pm
From £23.15