February Half Term: Magnificent Minibeasts at Manchester Museum

Sarah Gaffney-Lang, Families Editor
Magnificent Minibeasts - a green beetle is shown in a gold frame.
Image courtesy of Manchester Museum

Magnificient Minibeasts at Manchester Museum, Manchester, 18–20 February 2020, free entry - Visit now

Are you fascinated by minibeasts, or do you run the other way at the sight of anything creepy crawly? Most kids are intrigued by insects and in their exhibition Beauty and the Beasts; falling in love with insects Manchester Museum invites you to take a closer look at the world of insects.

This February half term they’re hosting some great activities to celebrate the exhibition and get children scintillated by spiders and captivated by creepy crawlies. You can also get some last-minute inspiration for your entry to their Creepy Crawly Chronicles Story Competition. Check our their website for special guests and activities.

Manchester Museum from the outside. Home to magnificent minibeasts.

The exhibition brings together hundreds of insects from their Entomology collection and through the work of both scientists and artists invites you to encounter the beauty in these beasts. There are works from artists passionate about sharing stories of insect conservation, scientific illustrations that are as visually appealing as pieces of fine art and objects from their Living Cultures collection showing how insects have inspired people through the ages.

If you do run the other way at the sight of 6 (or 8!) legs then you may take comfort from one of the exhibition’s key messages; the fact that the vast majority of insects are not only harmless to humans, but vital for maintaining earth as we know it. This is part of Manchester Museum’s mission – to build a sustainable world. The exhibition explains how insects keep ecosystems working and are the food of the world. It also highlights to visitors how these essential creatures are under threat through decline in the number of species and pesticides that harm pollinators.

Head to the museum this half term for some crafty fun that will educate and hopefully inspire children to respect and care for our minibeasts/ friends! All the half term fun is free and run on a drop in basis.

Magnificient Minibeasts at Manchester Museum, Manchester

18–20 February 2020
Free entry