Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Horrible Christmas: Horrible Histories at The Bridgewater Hall
Horrible Histories at the Bridgewater Hall

Horrible Christmas: Horrible Histories at The Bridgewater Hall, City Centre, 20 December 2022, from £20.00 - Book now

This festive season it’s time to learn about what Christmas is really all about, in a family celebration of Christmas the horrible way at Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas at The Bridgewater Hall.

This is your chance to find out about all the true horrors of Christmas. Those facts about the special day that deep down you always wanted to know, but you were always too stuffed with joy and love and of course – turkey – to find out. Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas will gladly and without any holding back provide all the foul and fearsome festive facts for you to take home and tell all your friends. Expect yucky yules, manky mince pies, stinky stockings and lots and lots of pooey presents…

This hair-raising, eye-opening, and quite frankly horrific adventure in Manchester will take you through the history of Christmas as it really was! You will learn about the vicious Victorian villains and the mean Medieval monks, the pukey Puritan parties and the terrible Tudor treats. You will laugh in hysterics and you will cry out in disgust at this hilarious, moving, yet absolutely YUCKY performance for families with children aged 7 and up to enjoy together, just before the long-awaited truly terrible Christmas day itself arrives. Forget sparkles, festive lights and niceties – this show will be packed with blood and gore and Christmassy facts that make you groan and feel sicker than you do at the end of Christmas dinner!

Featuring some familiar guests: Charles Dickens, Oliver Cromwell, King Henry VIII and St Nicholas – can they they work together with one young but very brave boy to save Christmas from a crafty jolly man dressed in red…?

Celebrate Christmas the horrible way, at Horrible Histories: Horrible Christmas, at the Bridgewater Hall this December.

Horrible Christmas: Horrible Histories at The Bridgewater Hall, City Centre

20 December 2022 2:30 pm
From £20.00