Fanspeak at Castlefield Gallery

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Fanspeak exhibition, curated by Shy Bairns. Presented at Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Rosa Uddoh, The Serve, 2017-19

Fanspeak at Castlefield Gallery, Castlefield, 2–24 November 2019, free entry - Visit now

In the worlds of Fandom, the message boards of obscure websites overflow with heightened emotions on subjects that have little value to the uninitiated. Presented at Castlefield Gallery and curated by Shy Bairns, Fanspeak features artists whose work appropriates fan-like production, emulating the content, objects and homages produced by fans of movies, music, sports, celebrities, and TV shows. Working with sculpture, painting and video, the artists interrogate pop and sub-cultural references in order to disrupt our relationship with them.

Artists: Kurdwin Ayub, Lydia Blakeley, Maya Ben David, Graham Dolphin, Ashley Holmes, Owen G Parry, Beth Emily Richards, Rosa Uddoh, and Salford Zine Library.

Fanspeak at Castlefield Gallery, Castlefield

2–24 November 2019
Free entry