Bullish at HOME

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
Image courtesy of HOME Manchester

Bullish at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 29–31 October 2018, from £12.50 - Book now

Meet Asterion, better known as the terrifying, blood-thirsty Minotaur of Ancient Crete. Follow them through one stark night, one cabaret odyssey, one strapping search for the man they might want to be.

Bullish pits ancient mythology against modern gender navigation to furiously disrupt, traverse and rewrite the rule book. Stepping into the ring with a gender fierce ensemble of hopers and renegades, Bullish is a story about packing, passing, and gambling your way out of the labyrinth.

A new mythical play with songs, negotiating ancient and new territories in transmasculine gender and identity. This show drops a proverbial bull into a china shop and hopes it breaks everything.

Bullish at HOME Manchester, Manchester

29–31 October 2018
From £12.50