Boris Nzebo Urban Style

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Boris Nzebo / Manchester Art Gallery

Boris Nzebo Urban Style at Manchester Art Gallery, Chinatown, 24 June–13 November 2016, free entry - Visit now

Using intense colours and striking compositions, Nzebo invites us to consider this urban aesthetic – how people can be defined by their hairstyles and express their identity in a city full of urban encounters.

Based in Cameroon, he draws his inspiration from the bright, hand-drawn advertising boards found in Central African beauty parlours, street culture and classic Pop Art aesthetics. The unstructured and animated city environment contrasts with the careful efforts of maintaining individualised and highly intricate hairstyles. Through his paintings Nzebo addresses the complex relationship between individuals and the urban spaces they inhabit.

Boris Nzebo Urban Style at Manchester Art Gallery, Chinatown

24 June–13 November 2016
Free entry