Beasty Baby at Z-arts

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Image courtesy of Z-arts

Beasty Baby at Z-arts, Manchester, 28 January 2017, from £6.00 - Book now

This show from Theatre-Rites (top creators of experimental theatre for children) has received rave reviews for its universally identifiable tale of a mischievous Beasty Baby and the people who love and look after it.

Through exquisite puppetry, live music and much laugh out loud hilarity expect to experience the chaos, spontaneity and creativity that comes to the fore in family life or when caring for such tiny people – as a high chair becomes a sleigh, nappies become mountain peaks and a cot becomes the foundation for some big, big beats.

In exposing the magical moments of daily necessary domestic rituals and the bonkers adventures of family life, this sort of show is rare in that all ages can identify with it (little and big beasts alike).

Not that we are (ahem) soft but we do fear that it will make our hearts melt just a little and be grateful for our chaotic lot.

Beasty Baby at Z-arts, Manchester

28 January 2017 11:00 am
From £6.00