Bear & Butterfly at Waterside

Gemma Gibb, Associate Editor
Image courtesy of Hullabaloo Theatre

Bear & Butterfly at Waterside Arts, Manchester, 21 January 2018, from £7.00 - Book now

It couldn’t be better timing for this warmhearted show aimed at ages 4 and above to arrive at Waterside when families across the region are possibly lamenting a lack of magic and the fact that all things must change (now the selection box has been eaten and they are back at school) this January.

Bear & Butterfly is a tale of changing friendship where we follow the tale of solitary Bear who encounters his first ever friend, a bright green Caterpillar. This unlikely pair become firm friends with Bear regaling Caterpillar with his heroic tales of derring-do. Both pals are firmly in love with this new-found companionship until Caterpillar must change, like all larva do, into an incredible butterfly.

We are big fans of the North East’s pioneering Theatre Hullabaloo who create perfectly pitched and enchanting experiences that embed young people’s involvement in all stages of the process of making the artistic work itself. Bear & Butterfly has generated much acclaim for its incredible Heath Robinson-esque set, full of curious crannies, contraptions and surprising special effects, as well as the dreamy puppetry, live music and storytelling itself.

Just as we are all coming to terms with 2018 and the possibilities a new year can bring, can Bear come to terms with this change in his friend who now can fly high above the trees and have adventures and stories of his own?

Bear & Butterfly has been praised by audiences and critics alike for dealing with big topics such as change and loss in an elegant, charming and comforting way while letting the joys of love and friendship in life shine through.

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Bear & Butterfly at Waterside Arts, Manchester

21 January 2018 11:30 am
From £7.00