Baby Bear at Z-arts

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Baby Bear at Z-arts
Image courtesy of Z-arts

Baby Bear at Z-arts, Manchester, 23 October 2022, from £9.00 - Book now

This autumn families are invited to Z-arts for Baby Bear, a playful, nature-inspired show for young children and their grownups, and one of the family events that make up part of this year’s jam-packed Manchester Literature Festival.

A story about curiosity, adventure and the feeling of safety, Baby Bear is a comfortable bear who wants to stay warm and safe inside her cosy cave. She is happy relaxing at home, and has no intention to journey outside into the cold.

But Baby Bear is curious. From inside her house, she can hear strange sounds, see intriguing lights and she smells all sorts of interesting scents from the world outside. And strange creatures keep appearing – mysterious and fascinating, wandering outside her home, and then inside it, tempting her to come outside with them.

So off she goes on an adventure into the stunning but scary outside world, filled with nature and delight. And as she explores, she begins to see all of nature’s beauty, all of the world’s wonder, but she also misses home, and when she gets home, she is relieved to be back.

Baby Bear at Z-arts is a heartwarming and immersive puppetry production for babies, toddlers and their families to enjoy together. The show combines magical music and sounds with astounding, colourful visuals, taking you on a journey through all the senses, while telling a great story at the same time.

And there you have it, a fantastic event for the whole family to enjoy, and a truly memorable first theatre experience for your little ones.

Baby Bear at Z-arts, Manchester

23 October 2022 10:30 am
From £9.00