The People’s Bookshop

Alexander Iles
The People’s Bookshop
The People’s Bookshop

The People’s Bookshop, 70 Saddler St, Saddlers Yard, Durham, DH1 3NP – Visit Now

The People’s Bookshop sits on one of the alleyways off Saddler Street and is a hidden gem and treat for the book lover. Away from the bustle of the main streets, it is a treasure trove of books from all areas and periods and encourages those to enter to discover a whole new theme of knowledge through the book that they have purchased. In an age of digital, there is a wonderful pleasure in sitting down with a good book. So many books are created, printed, and sold, but not loved. A place like the People’s Bookstore aims to restore the balance by finding books that may have been forgotten and bringing them back into the light of day in front of you.

The bookshop styles itself as a radical bookshop that is helping to preserve the book in the face of the ever- changing world we live in – with websites, kindle and e-books all having their impact on the printed word. They turn away from best sellers which occupy the front of many bookstores and instead focus on the second hand, pre-loved books that often tell many stories that have been forgotten by time. In this they support this fantastic university city that has such a collection of books from all genres within its streets. They aim to reflect the community of Durham, collecting the stories of the past of local history and forgotten stories that can only be found – and preserved – with a physical book. These can be personal accounts through to folk stories, and accounts of the rise and falls of local coal pits. It is not only just about the books, but with an aim to create a better world, The People’s Bookstore aims to support causes that they believe will eventually result in a better world. This is done through creating a bookstore that highlights the local community and supports its needs.

  • 70 Saddler St, Saddlers Yard
  • Durham
  • DH1 3NP
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