St Paul’s Hall

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Huddersfield Music Society

St Paul’s Hall, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH – Visit Now

St Paul’s Hall is a beautifully converted Georgian church that hosts a wide variety of concerts, most of which are presented by the University of Huddersfield’s Music Department. Built in 1829 and converted from a church in 1980, this unusual concert hall seats 400 people and, naturally for a former church, has resonant acoustics.

St Paul’s Hall houses an impressive array of resident instruments: Two Steinway pianos (a Model D, and Model C), an 1897 7ft 4in Broadwood piano, a two manual harpsichord, a portable chamber organ by Wood of Huddersfield, and a large 3 manual tracker action concert organ. Add this to a recording studio and outstanding lighting and sound-projection systems, and you can see why it’s a sought after venue for classical musicians.

In addition to the many University concerts that take place throughout the year, each November, St Paul’s Hall plays host to the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Renowned for its thoughtful, provocative programming, the Festival sees world-leading performers exploring the boundaries of contemporary and experimental music.

If you’re in Huddersfield, particularly in November, do check to see what concerts are programmed at St Paul’s Hall – many of them are free. The venue is situated at the heart of the University of Huddersfield campus, an easy five minute walk from the train station, and with ample parking just across the road.

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