Little Tokyo Restaurant

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Little Tokyo Restaurant
Miranda Xena Pell

Little Tokyo Restaurant, 24 Central Rd, Leeds, LS1 6DE – Visit Now

Review by Miranda Xena Pell: A self-proclaimed Japanese restaurant with Yorkshire roots, Little Tokyo has been providing a unique dining experience in the heart of Leeds city centre for over two decades. Tucked away between the Corn Exchange and Briggate, this cosy family-owned business not only serves up delicious Japanese cuisine but also provides a memorable and traditional experience. Diners sit on cushions surrounded by candles, fairy lights and cherry blossom trees, with the furniture made from reclaimed wood.

As a vegan, I often worry about dining out; will there be enough options? Will there be any options? If this resonates with you, you can let go of that concern at Little Tokyo. You can pick from an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu including various starters, bento box set meals, yaki soba and more.

You can pick from an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu

We’re seated in a tucked-away corner, so despite it being a busy Friday night, the human traffic doesn’t overwhelm us. The atmosphere manages that fine balancing act of being cosy but lively at the same time.

We kick off with veggie spring rolls, a fairly standard starter served with a sweet chilli sauce, all crispy and tasty. All dishes arrived impressively quickly, much to my delight as I went in starving.

I order the tofu steak bento box for my main which comes with six sections, but I was particularly intrigued by the vegan roast duck. The food not only looked stunning but smelt so nice you’d wish you had three nostrils. The tofu was fried but soft and marinated in a rich teriyaki sauce, the salad was topped with a tangy, refreshing dressing, and the tempura veg was crispy and heavenly when dunked in the dipping sauce. The rice was also cooked to sticky perfection.

The tofu was fried but soft and marinated in a rich teriyaki sauce

Despite the restaurant covering two floors, the staff were attentive and always made sure we had plenty to drink. The restaurant is home to a glint of Koi fish that roam around a pool in the entrance and on Sunday afternoons, they offer a unique koi feeding experience which you can book through their website.

As for cost, three of us shared a bottle of wine, a starter, and each had a main, the whole thing coming in at around £80. So not budget food, but not bank-breaking and good value considering the quality of both the food and the totally unique experience.

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