Joey the Swan

Charlotte Rowland
Joey the Swan
Creative Tourist

Joey the Swan, Wistaston Green Road,, Wistaston, Crewe, CW2 8SS – Visit Now

Joey the Swan is an attractive area of countryside visited frequently by walkers for the distinct and varied routes on offer. Locals only will know it by name. On a map, the green space is marked out right by Wistaston Hall, which is what the site is properly known as being connected to. Story has it, however, that the recreation ground is named after an adult male cob swan that lived on site in the 1930s. The swan favoured the hilltop, which he would take himself to the top of on a daily basis. His namesake lends the park a jovial, fond tone to locals today, with many making it a regular visiting spot for outdoor activities and walks.

Key features include notable ancient trees and a wildflower garden, the latter of which was planted by local volunteers. There is a real community feel to the area here, with the site providing an open and welcome invitation to all who want to walk it. Regular goers typically follow the main round, which leads a scenic trail out before looping back to the central starting point. The path generally follows the line of Wistaston Brook, providing a ready-made, accessible route which is easy to follow and adhere to.

With such an attainable and convenient route provided, the walk is ideal for slipping in to weekend days, or for visiting for an hour or two for some fresh air and space. Locals use it frequently, treasuring it both for its utility and nearness and its heritage, aware of how the park has stood as a similar softening spot for people of very different times. Showcasing a copious amount of wildlife, the environment highlights the key draw to this distinctly open space; that of its inherent richness in thriving natural life and the way it is built upon history, and the carrying-on of dated myth.

  • Wistaston Green Road,
  • Wistaston, Crewe
  • CW2 8SS
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