Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside
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Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside, Victoria Pl, Seacombe, Wallasey, CH44 6QY – Visit Now

Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside is set to open in Autumn 2022, combining the interactive approach of Eureka Halifax with contemporary science and innovation, aimed at young people aged 7-14. The North-west’s state-of-the-art scientific hub has been created with the support of over 100 young people, and will provide a modern, interactive space to discover how Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) shape and influence our every day lives, our future and the world around us. Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside will also feature a fun-filled play area, to inspire and educate children aged 0-5.

The attraction will be a core-point of discovery and science for young people in the UK. Through unique exhibits and immersive activities, it aims to inspire a love of science, creating a world of young science superfans, and empowering curious minds to become the scientists and engineers of our future. It will explore a number of meaningful and important themes, such as sustainability, the human body, space, and much, much more. With these ageless themes in mind, adults too will enjoy Eureka! Science + Discovery Merseyside’s cutting-edge exhibitions and activities, making it an ideal family day out.

Eureka!’s Chief Executive, Leigh-Anne Stradeski said:”We hope Eureka! Science + Discovery inspires millions of young people and families to get excited and engaged with science and STEAM subjects. Eureka! in Halifax is very much known as the national children’s museum, but we know Eureka Science + Discovery in the Liverpool City Region will bring something else and appeal to older children and families. Put simply, we just want to get young people more excited about science and technology, helping to encourage them to explore and fall in love with STEAM subject.”

We look forward to sharing more details about this exciting new opening in the coming months.
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