Abercromby Square

Phoebe Hurst
Abercromby Square, city parks, urban gardening
Image courtesy of Abercromby Square

Abercromby Square, Abercromby Square, The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, L7 7BD

Built as a communal garden for the rectangle of 19th-century houses that surround it, Abercromby Square’s Georgian credentials don’t stop at its surrounding architecture. The square was named after an army general killed at the Battle of the Alexandria and is centred by a round building constructed in 1822 to store garden tools. The square’s proximity to the University of Liverpool’s library (and student boozer, The Cambridge) makes it popular with undergrads but Abercromby Square can usually be enjoyed by non-academics too.

  • Abercromby Square, The University of Liverpool
  • Liverpool
  • L7 7BD
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