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Image courtesy Kristabel Plummer, of I Want You To Know.

Top Fashion Blogs

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We’ve compiled the Top 10 Fashion Blogs. Spot an omission? You can submit your recommendations using the form on the right. Otherwise, get stuck into our favourite blogs listed here. 

1. Clothes, Cameras and Coffee

We love this long-standing fashion blog from Rosalind Jana. A witty, intelligent wordsmith with a penchant for vintage clothes, Jana was the winner of the Vogue Talent Contest 2011 at just 16, and continues to blog with substance. Expect musing over about the perils of uncomfortable footwear, body confidence and literature-inspired style. Read it here.

2. I Want You To Know

Chronicling London style and current trends compellingly, Kristabel Plummer’s blog is great for staying in the style loop without feeling like you’re having product placement rammed down your throat. Honest and authentic; no mean feat for a blogger who has transitioned from hobbyist to fully-fledged freelancer. Read it here.

3. ShowStudio blog

Nick Knight’s award-winning fashion website is a haven for intelligent editorial, essays, fashion films and long-interviews with industry figures and journalists. The ShowStudio blog is a quick go-to read, condensing much of the site’s wealth of material in one place. Read it here.

4. Style Bubble

Going strong since 2006, Susie Lau’s blog continues to be one of the UK’s most successful, and brilliant. Known for her personal style, which she describes as “a bit ugly” (only if you’re afraid of madly mixing colours, prints and textures) Lau champions new design talent, and has an impressively photographic memory of fashion through the ages. Read it here.

5. Lady MacBeth

Picture it: Frida Kahlo is alive and living in Cornwall. She’s painting, blogging, wearing pom pom headdresses and Bavarian folk dancing clogs. It’s a joyous image, and a reality you’ll find over at Lady MacBeth. Blogger Lally throws together the most incredible outfits, often heavy laden with foliage and references to folklore. Read it here.

6. Rarely Wears Lipstick

Self-proclaimed ‘UK lifestyle blog with a hint of style and a splash of feminism.’ So far, so good. Rarely Wears Lipstick deftly combines fashion theory (think pieces about the history of the swimsuit, or the Tartan’s journey through the African diaspora, for example) with ongoing conversation about body and self image. Read it here.

7. Vanessa Jackman

Sometimes, all that’s needed from a fashion blog is image after image of inspiring people wearing really great clothes. On the streets. It’s the sort of pick-me-up great for combatting a personal loss of wardrobe mojo. Vanessa Jackman’s blog is just the ticket, and she has an excellent eye for capturing portraits of individuals from the crowds at Fashion Week. Read it here.

8. Arched Eyebrow

When I recently interrogated some of my favourite bloggers to share their go-to reads, one responded “I ain’t fat but I only look at fatshion blogs because they’re the only people doing anything interesting with fashion these days.” This is certainly true of Bethany Rutter who writes about the best bodysuits for DJing in, fat-shaming, VBO (visible belly outlines) and always has a stellar lipstick recommendation up her sleeve. Read it here.

9. Don’t Know Yet

This wonderfully-named blog from stylist and womenswear designer Verity Pemberton is a treasure trove of mood boards, personal style snaps and nosey house visits to pals living on canal boats. We love her personal style, which is heavy on Birkenstocks, faithfully battered boots and well-worn knitwear. Read it here.

10. Girl a la Mode

There’s a certain type of person in this world, who can wear an impeccably white pair of jeans and keep them clean. Emerging designer Charlie May is such a person, and for this reason, we bestow on her much admiration, with her chic Phoebe Philo-esque uniform of muted colours and trench coats worn with trainers. Read it here.

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