We are the Robots at Centre for Life

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Brighter Sound

We are the Robots at Centre for Life, Newcastle, 10 August 2018, free entry - Visit now

Instrumental folktronica trio Haiku Salut take the stage for the second event. Their music marries folk melodies and minimalist piano motifs with sparkling electronica and skittering beats. Creating rare soundscapes, the band combine dusty sonorities of old-fashioned instruments with modern electronics. The forlorn wheeze of the accordion, for example, can often be heard floating atop dubstep/drum ‘n’ bass/IDM beats, with Four Tet-esque melodic loops twinkling in the ether.

Whilst their usual shows see the trio of multi-instrumentalists focus on their introverted yet inquisitive two albums, Tricolore and Etch and Etch Deep, the band are planning something a little different for The Hexagon Experiment. In collaboration with the Robot Orchestra – an ensemble of programmed robots made out of recycled materials, technologies and musical instruments – Haiku Salut will explore creativity in the age of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Joining the band in conversation will be creator of the Robot Orchestra, Professor Danielle George MBE, as well as algorithmic musician Joanna Armitage, who frequents the stages of algoraves up and down the country. The event will be hosted by Katie Steckles, a Manchester-based mathematician.

We are the Robots at Centre for Life, Newcastle

10 August 2018 1:00 pm
Free entry