Videodrome at Showroom, Sheffield

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Image courtesy of Grimm

Videodrome at Showroom Workstation, City Centre, 12 February 2020, from £6.90 - Book now

David Cronenberg’s Videodrome – a satire that feels more prescient by the year – stars Debbie Harry alongside James Woods’ Max Renn, a television executive searching for something new and shocking to keep the kids hooked on his network. He finds just the thing he’s looking for when he encounters ‘Videodrome’, a show which appears to show real-life torture. Renn goes in search of the creators of the show, and finds a shady cult named ‘The Cathode Ray Mission’. The surreal mystery plot takes a turn when he begins to combine physically with a new television technology in a way that is scarily reminiscent of our own increasing reliance on personal devices and wearable technology — “Long live the New Flesh!”

Videodrome at Showroom Workstation, City Centre

12 February 2020 6:00 pm
From £6.90