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TubeSong with HOME

TubeSong at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 27 February–31 December 2020 - Book now

Tom Kane and RADA Festival present TubeSong as part of Homemakers, an online festival by HOME Manchester. Easily accessible – on a ‘pay-what-you-can’ basis – the festival features new commissions created by artists working at home, for audiences who are staying at home.

Presented in three chapters, TubeSong will take you on a powerful audio journey to a world where day and night are lit as one. Where those metallic serpents haunt the underground network of tunnels. Where that often-overlooked wonder of this modern age, the London Underground, is washed in the deep lakes of mythology, and where religious imagery and rituals of old appear once again in the asking of the age-old questions: Why do we worship? What or who do we worship? And where in the deep tunnels below will we find the reason to carry on?

Performed by Tom Kane, TubeSong has been composed by Luke Brady with illustrations by Polly Misch.

TubeSong at HOME Manchester, Manchester

27 February–31 December 2020

Dates and Times

  • 27 February–31 December 2020
  • 31 December 2020 2:30 am (Captioned)
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