The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood at Longford Park

Shekina Rose, Families Editor
Hobgoblin Theatre Company

The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood at Longford Park, Manchester 6 July 2024 Tickets from £12.00 — Book now

Calling all young adventurers… Grab your bow and arrows and join the legendary Robin Hood and his Merry Men (and the wonderful Maid Marian of course), as they go on an exciting adventure filled with laughter and mischief in this special outdoor theatre production by Hobgoblin Theatre Company.

Taking place on 6 July in the gorgeous setting of People’s Millions Garden in Longford Park, Manchester, The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood tells the classic tale of Robin and friends as they aim to outwit the nasty and greedy Sheriff of Nottingham. The show is of course filled with fun and delight, but at its heart, this is a story about giving to people less fortunate… stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood is packed with music to have you tapping your toes, humming along and singing all the way home. Even better, the entire production takes place outdoors, which makes you feel like you are truly part of the story in Robin Hood’s world of Sherwood Forest. Why not kill two birds with one stone – get fresh air, run around, enjoy nature, AND watch an amazing piece of theatre… perfect for those families with kids who have lots of energy!

Bring a blanket or camping chair, food and drink for a picnic,  and clothes suitable for rain or shine, (let’s be honest, it could go either way in Manchester). But the rainier the better in this production, in fact – grey and rainy simply adds to the drama and atmosphere! Just don’t forget to bring your brollies…

The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood at Longford Park is suitable for ages 4+.

The Unusual Adventures of Robin Hood at Longford Park, Manchester 6 July 2024 Tickets from £12.00 Book now


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