Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor

Swim at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 9–13 July 2019 - Book now

It’s easy to feel disconnected to the earth and nature in our modern world, which might be why so many people are turning to wild swimming as a form of release and escapism. SWIM is a show that explores the human side of submerging yourself in wild water as well as embracing the exhilarating joy people find in lakes, tarns, rivers and seas.

HOME and Liz Richardson have assembled a dream team of creatives to bring this feeling to life. Alongside Liz, theatre makers Sam Ward of YESYESNONO and Josie Dale-Jones of This Egg will be bridging the gap between ourselves and nature.

Join them as they experience the water for the first time and see how vital a part of someones life it can become.

Swim at HOME Manchester, Manchester

9–13 July 2019