Six Memos at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool

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Six Memos: Italo Calvino at St. George's Hall, Liverpool
Medusa’s Prayer, 2019, Laura Robertson in collaboration with Mark Simmonds

Six Memos at St George’s Hall, Liverpool, City Centre, 11 January–24 February 2019, free entry - Visit now

An exhibition of work by 20 European contemporary artists celebrating the works of the late Italian novelist Italo Calvino is on show in the former prison cells at St. George’s Hall. Shaped by Calvino’s series of essays bearing the titles of ‘Lightness’, ‘Quickness’, ‘Exactitude’, ‘Visibility’, ‘Multiplicity’ and ‘Consistency’ (1988), the exhibition draws on different media such as photography, video, drawing, painting, objects, installation and text.

The participating artists examine the notions of landscape, changing nature, human condition, relations of subjects and objects, artistic production itself, materiality, identity and memory. They include Adam Lee (Liverpool), Albano Leal Ribeiro (Aveiro), Alice Pouzet (Clermont-Ferrand), Arnaud Caquelard (Rouen), Cristina R. Vecino (Valladolid), Esther Gatón (Valladolid), Fabio Tasso (Genoa), Garance Alves (Clermont-Ferrand), Hristina Ivanoska (Skopje), Laura Robertson (Liverpool), Luca Arboccò (Genoa), Ludomir Franczak (Lublin), Magdalena Franczak (Lublin), Pranas Griušys (Kaunas), Ricardo Suárez (Valladolid), Sébastien Camboulive (Rouen), Tjaša Kalkan (Zagreb), Yane Calovski (Skopje), Zlatko Kopljar (Zagreb).

Six Memos at St George’s Hall, Liverpool, City Centre

11 January–24 February 2019
Free entry