The Siege of Christmas at Contact

Andrew Anderson
Image courtesy of Contact

Contact and Slung Low present: The Siege of Christmas at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 13–20 December 2017, from £5.00 - Book now

Someone has kidnapped the spirit of Christmas and it is our job to find her. That’s the premise of this amazing immersive show, which was such a success in 2016 that Contact has brought it back for a second festive outing. But unlike most presents, which would be rubbish if received twice, this is one we’re excited to unwrap all over again.
That excitement is due to the fact that The Siege of Christmas is co-created by Slung Low, who are experts in making adventures for audience. Past productions have seen them make a campsite outside the Royal Shakespeare Company, take myth-making bus tours across whole counties and even recruit their very own occupying army. To put it simply, they don’t do things by halves.
Finally, Contact is the perfect venue for a kids’ mystery tour with its multitude of odd spaces, winding staircases and colourful corridors. This show is an ideal addition to any Christmas holiday plans – and way more fun than a boring old panto.

Contact and Slung Low present: The Siege of Christmas at Contact Theatre, Manchester

13–20 December 2017
From £5.00

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