Santa Claus: The Movie

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Image courtesy of HOME

Santa Claus: The Movie at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 11–22 December 2016, from £7.00 - Book now

“Now, all those within the sound of my voice, and all those on this Earth everywhere know that henceworth you will be called Santa Claus.”

Ancient Elf, Santa Claus: The Movie

Director Jeannot Szwarc’s film takes us back to ancient times to explore the origins of Santa Claus (David Huddleston) as a master toymaker who is granted special powers when he discovers a magical kingdom of elves at the North Pole. Cut to the present day and all is not well in the workshop: Santa has become overwhelmed by his workload and disgruntled elf, Patch (Dudley Moore) has fled to New York where he is put to work by a slimy businessman (John Lithgow), with profiteering plans for a Christmas 2. Santa Claus: The Movie comes with all of the elves, flying reindeer and heartfelt lessons in redemption you could want from a Christmas film.

Santa Claus: The Movie at HOME Manchester, Manchester

11–22 December 2016
From £7.00