REAL WORK at FACT, Liverpool

Creative Tourist
Candice Breitz, Sweat, 2018. Featured here: Nosipho 'Provocative' Vidima. Courtesy of Goodman Gallery (Johannesburg), Kaufmann Repetto (Milan) & KOW (Berlin).

REAL WORK at FACT, City Centre, 12 July–6 October 2019, free entry - Visit now

REAL WORK at FACT in Liverpool is a major exhibition that presents 15 people’s stories about precarious and unrecognised forms of work around the world. From freelancers based in the UK and other countries competing for work in the online sphere, to a community of sex workers in South Africa; the jobs addressed in REAL WORK share a lack of mainstream recognition in society. The exhibition comprises a major new commission by Liz Magic Laser, exploring the most current and largely deregulated profession of online gig-working, and a debut installation by Candice Breitz, which seeks to destigmatise sex work, a profession that remains criminalised in many parts of the world.

REAL WORK at FACT, City Centre

12 July–6 October 2019
Free entry