Penelope Trappes at The Peer Hat

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Agnes Haus

Penelope Trappes at The Peer Hat, Manchester, 20 June 2019, from £6 - Book now

Ohr presents a live audiovisual performance with Penelope Trappes on the 20 June at The Peer Hat, featuring support from Sonny Bliss and Microdosing.

Something you’ll find yourself itching to return to as a strange sanctuary.

Known best as one-half of electronic duo The Golden Filter, Antipodean vocalist, musician and experimentalist Penelope Trappes recently dropped her second solo LP. Entitled Penelope Two, it draws on everyone from the Cocteau Twins to Scott Walker to Grouper, and yet its otherworldly dreamscapes could only be the work of Trappes’ singular creative mind. Lauded by critics the world over, Pitchfork called it a “monochrome mood board, a one-note tone poem, a mirror’s matte-black back”, whilst the FADER called it a “shiver inducing introspective work”.

The album feels less a collection of songs than a collage of abstract images. Its ten tracks comprise sustained pianos, sub-bass rumble and sparse guitars, all totally drenched with reverb. This ethereal landscape is completed by Trappes’ airy, close-mic’d voice which sometimes disperses the mist with full sentences and which sometimes only adds to the abstraction. Allow yourself time to acclimatise to the pace of the record, and it becomes deeply enveloping, and something you’ll find yourself itching to return to as a strange sanctuary.

At The Peer Hat, Trappes will present her beautiful music as part of a live audiovisual performance. She’ll be joined in the basement venue by 6a6y6 collective’s Sonny Bliss and Manchester Ambient & Left-Field selectors Microdosing. Sure to be a hypnotic evening, this is a steal at just £6.

Penelope Trappes at The Peer Hat, Manchester

20 June 2019 7:00 pm
From £6