Parallel at Hope Mill Theatre

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Image courtesy of Hope Mill Theatre

Parallel at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, 1–5 November 2016, from £10.00 - Visit now

Anna is stranded. Beth came for a think. C just wants some kip. Three women meet by chance late at night. None of them really want to be there, yet none of them leave. It is a rare moment of stillness in a hectic modern world, bringing both solace and discomfort. With only loose change, some booze and a dodgy carrot at their disposal, will any of them find their way home?

Parallel is a darkly comic drama which explores our understanding of home, purpose and charity. The part each actor plays is determined by the roll of a dice by an audience member each night, as we discover the impact of chance and choice on the outcome of our lives. Parallel is brought to Hope Mill Theatre by the same creative team as the smash-hit musical Parade, and the producers of sell-out comedy hit Hidden.

Parallel at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester

1–5 November 2016
From £10.00