Nightmare on RAD Street at Chapeltown Picture House

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor
Nightmare on RAD Street
Image courtesy of Cultplex

Nightmare on RAD Street at Cultplex, Manchester, 30 October 2021, from £5.5 - Book now

Hair Metal Horror? RAD Screenings live up to their name this October with a Saturday night, Halloween-eve quadruple bill dedicated to classic eighties scary movies at GRUB’s Chapeltown Picture House.

Nightmare on RAD Street kicks off at 4:30pm with Sam Raimi’s beloved comedy horror Evil Dead 2, in which Bruce Campbell’s Ash finds himself fighting demons in the woods once again. The difference in this sequel? He replaces his arm with a chainsaw.

Raimi’s film is followed by Chuck Russell’s 1988 outrageous remake of The Blob (“If it had a mind, you could reason with it…” remarks the trailer) and then Tom Holland’s 1985 cult favourite and iconic vampire flick Fright Night.

Then, as the clock ticks towards midnight, it’s time for Night of the Demons which sees ten teens plan a Halloween party at a deserted funeral parlour, only to accidentally awaken some evil forces.

As if the films aren’t enough, they’re screening at Chapeltown Picture House within legendary foodie venue GRUB — which means there’s street food and top local beverages to go with the RAD Halloween selections.

Nightmare on RAD Street at Cultplex, Manchester

30 October 2021 4:00 pm
From £5.5