The Ministry of Lost & Found at Central Library

Kristy Stott, Theatre Editor
The Ministry of Lost and Found at Central Library
Joel Chester-Fildes

The Ministry of Lost & Found at Manchester Central Library, Manchester, 14 September 2019, free entry - Visit now

A long, long, time ago, the government commissioned intrepid explorer, Philias Finder, to start The Ministry of Lost & Found – a secret department tasked with protecting the most curious and precious objects ever lost or found.

Last year The Ministry celebrated their 123rd anniversary, and now they return to Manchester’s Central Library for a brand new expedition. Should you wish to accept it, your mission is help Frankie Found find Leo Lost, who has disappeared. Frankie has called everyone she knows and Leo still can’t be found. Is Leo lost, hiding somewhere or has something more mysterious happened?

The Ministry of Lost & Found is a family-friendly afternoon of fun, laughter and exploration. Brought to you from the Producers at Z-arts, the event features some of Manchester’s most experienced children’s theatre performers. Families are invited to join the celebration by picking up a map from the Lost and Found office before starting out on their trek around the vast and beautiful interior of the iconic building.

You’ll be greeted by Frankie at the Lost & Found Office and from there, join the search party led by Frankie’s Ministry friends on the mission around the iconic library building. In the company of Fenella von Hoop, Professor Arty Farty Pants and Kabantu Junk Band, there will be the opportunity to take part in a hula hooping performance, find new sounds with the junk orchestra in the music library and craft origami bookmarks in the Reading Room. You will also be treated to a performance by Miss Dotty Marbles, the Ministry’s librarian who has lost the plot, and in her other life stars in Channel 4’s Drag SOS!

New for 2019 is The Ministry Cellar, the home of lost and unknown creature, Boggo. Families can get involved in this interactive experience, in which they’ll be challenged to find the keys that could unlock the door and lead them to Leo. Can they enter the Cellar without waking Boggo though?

Set in Manchester’s imposing Grade II listed Central Library, The Ministry of Lost and Found promises to be a really special day out for all of the family. With Central Library as the host there will of course be plenty of opportunities to experience the joy of reading with your family. All you need to do is remember your picnic!

The Ministry of Lost & Found at Manchester Central Library, Manchester

14 September 2019 11:00 am
Free entry