Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf at Z-arts

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Image courtesy of Z-arts

Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf at Z-arts, Manchester, 8–16 December 2017, from £6 - Visit now

A small figure sets off, with red cloak and hood, to Grandma’ss they go on the other side of the woods. Do not stop to smell the flowers, or sing to the birds or climb a tall tree, remember these words … Do not leave the path, for you’d make a tasty treat! For the hungriest wolf of all, who is ready to eat!

A bold and highly theatrical re-telling of the well-known classic tale packed with music, dance and song.

The production explores the thrill of adventure and unknown versus the safety and familiarity of the path and how irresistible straying can be, as well as the tension between mankind and nature. Are the wolves really the villains in a world where the woodcutter is destroying the forest? And is Grandma the trophy hunter really sick?

A Unity, Action Transport Theatre production in association with Z-arts and The Brewery, Kendal.

Little Red & the Big Bad Wolf at Z-arts, Manchester

8–16 December 2017
From £6