Duckie at Contact

Andrew Anderson
© Manuel Vason

Le Gateau Chocolat: Duckie at Contact Theatre, Manchester, 24–25 October 2017, 5.00 - 13.00 - Book now

Le Gateau Chocolat is an artist with a mission: to make serious message-driven masterpieces using traditional cabaret techniques. And, so far, he’s succeeding.

Black, his last work on at Contact, told of his personal struggle with depression, while still packing in enough jokes to keep the punters happy. Now with Duckie, he’s turning his attention to the problem of bullying. It’s an idea taken from the Ugly Duckling story, except this time without the saccharine ending of a magical transition. Instead, his character of Duckie has to find his own redemption and discover the beauty in himself – it’s not going to be handed to him.

Of course while the message of Le Gateau’s shows are important, the reason he has a stage in the first place is because of his wonderful voice. Deep, commanding and capable of transmitting any emotion he cares to, it’s a special experience to hear it; his rendition of Old Man River during his 2014 show I Heart Chocolat had me (and many others) in tears.

I’m sure no matter what songs he picks – be they pop tunes or opera standards – Duckie will be an amazing musical experience – and one that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

Le Gateau Chocolat: Duckie at Contact Theatre, Manchester

24–25 October 2017
5.00 - 13.00