Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor

Inland Empire at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 25 August 2019, from £5.50 - Book now

David Lynch’s sprawling Hollywood nightmare takes the perspective of Nikki Grace (Laura Dern) – an out-of-favour actress who’s engulfed in the cursed production of her comeback film – as a launching pad for a surreal trip through the streets of Tinseltown, the Polish underworld, a rabbit sitcom and back again. Filmed on digital video in 2006, the director takes full advantage of the camera’s grimy resolution in order to stack layers of reality and fiction into a free-form hallucinatory experience of the highest order. Both a stylistic expansion and thematic culmination of his career up to this point, this is Lynch turned up to eleven: darker, scarier, and even more absurdly funny than ever before.

Screening from a 35mm print.

Inland Empire at HOME Manchester, Manchester

25 August 2019 1:00 pm
From £5.50