Exchanges at The Whitworth

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Image courtesy of The Whitworth

Exchanges at The Whitworth, Manchester, 24 March 2018–7 April 2019, free entry - Visit now

Works by Gillian Wearing, William Hogarth and Louise Bourgious and Tracey Emin encourage dialogue about expectations of female behaviour. Rebecca Warren and Hayley Tompkins elevate discarded objects to the status of art and challenge our ideas about what should be shown in museums. While Simon Patterson, Jitish Kallat, Roni Horn and Stephen Willats consider how we make order out of a disordered world. Over the next year some of this art will be exchanged for The Whitworth’s most recent acquisitions, activating new dialogues between the works displayed.

Exchanges at The Whitworth, Manchester

24 March 2018–7 April 2019
Free entry