Cinema Rediscovered/ Dekalog at HOME

Tom Grieve, Cinema Editor

Cinema Rediscovered/ Dekalog at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 27–28 August 2017, from £10.00 - Book now

HOME present Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski’s (The Double Life of Veronique, Three Colours Trilogy) multi-part 1989 drama Dekalog in its entirety over two days this August Bank Holiday. Working long before the era of Netflix, prestige TV and the boxset, Kieślowski took inspiration from the ten commandments to produce this set of ten hour-long films for Polish television. Rarely screened due to its length, Dekalog focuses on the residents of a housing complex in late-Communist Poland as it teases out subtle connections, moral complexities and existential quandaries in a way that is both specific and grandly universal.

It’s a hugely well regarded work – at once delicate, monolithic and intellectually engaged, but also full of sex, murder, humour and irony. This one-off screening is organised in conjunction with Bristol’s Cinema Rediscovered festival, and we urge you to catch it while you can as there’s no telling when a Manchester cinema will next dedicate two days to this lengthy masterpiece.

Cinema Rediscovered/ Dekalog at HOME Manchester, Manchester

27–28 August 2017
From £10.00