Beautiful world, where are you? at FACT

Sara Jaspan, Exhibitions Editor
Beautiful world, where are you? at FACT – Liverpool Biennial 2018
Image courtesy of FACT

Beautiful world, where are you? at FACT, City Centre, 14 July–28 October 2018, free entry - Visit now

Sending great ripples of excitement across the world of contemporary art and cinema alike, 3 Movements by the legendary French New Wave filmmaker and visionary Agnès Varda looks set to be one of the absolute highlights of this year’s Liverpool Biennial.

Presented at FACT, the poetic three-channel video installation is Varda’s first UK commission, and uses varying speeds to stimulate a reflection on temporality and the rhythm of human life. The piece features a combination of extracts from three of the feminist experimental filmmaker’s major works – Documenteur (1981, featuring Varda’s son), Vagabond (1984) and The Gleaners and I (2000) – collectively exploring the position of the individual in society.

Visitors will also have the chance to experience the artist’s large-scale photographic installation 5 reveurs (2012), and seminal film Ulysse (1982) which revisits a haunting photograph that the artist took on a beach on Calais, France in 1954. Accompanying this, the multi-award-winning director has personally curated a special programme of films for Liverpool Biennial 2018 that will screen every Wednesday throughout the festival at FACT.

Whilst here, make sure you also head to the upper-floor gallery space where Mohamed Bourouissa’s celebrated film Horse Day (2013), exploring issues of race, class, marginality and African American history, and a film documenting his Liverpool Biennial 2018 commission Resilience Garden in Toxteth, will both be on show.

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Beautiful world, where are you? at FACT, City Centre

14 July–28 October 2018
Free entry