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Apples at HOME Manchester, Manchester, 17 May 2021, from £5.50 - Book now

A strain of amnesia is holding the world in its grip. Those who succumb to this sudden and mysterious malady permanently lose their memory. For those carrying identification and with loved ones, there is hope. But those who cannot be identified and who have no one to ‘claim’ them are given a new identity, home and itinerary through which they can record memories for a new life. Aris is one such person.

Christos Nikou’s wonderful feature debut, written and directed before the COVID-19 pandemic began is a soulful rumination on who we are and what defines us. At its centre is a compelling performance by Aris Serveyalis (Alps). A remarkably assured debut by Nikou, Apples is the perfect film for the times we live in.

Apples at HOME Manchester, Manchester

17 May 2021
From £5.50

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