An Evening with Sarah Tierney at Waterstones Deansgate

Sarah-Clare Conlon, Literature Editor
Author Sarah Tierney.
Author Sarah Tierney.

An Evening with Sarah Tierney at Waterstones Manchester Deansgate, City Centre, 20 April 2017 - Visit now

“Why do we hold on to things we don’t need?” questions the cover blurb for Sarah Tierney’s debut novel, Making Space, which opens with 29-year-old Miriam decluttering her life, only to find that she must now de-hoard the home of 45-year-old photographer Erik, who has hired her to do a bit of filing. The pair don’t hit it off to start with, but of course they grow to like each other the more piles of dusty old glossy magazines they sift through, quite literally tearing down barriers.

Animals author Emma Jane Unsworth calls the novel “part love story, part psychological slow-burner” and describes Sarah Tierney – a copywriter and a graduate of the MA in Novel Writing at the University of Manchester – as “an elegant and thrilling new voice in literary fiction”. This event, coinciding with the publication date, is an opportunity to hear Sarah read extracts from the book, out on Sandstone Press. She will also be chatting to author Michelle Green and signing copies of the book.

Sarah will also be appearing at next month’s Verbose, on Monday 22 May at Fallow Cafe, on Landcross Road in Fallowfield (7.30pm, free entry).

Tickets are free, but please RSVP to if you're interested in going.

An Evening with Sarah Tierney at Waterstones Manchester Deansgate, City Centre

20 April 2017 6:30 pm