Bargain hunt: get your knock-down kicks at Longsight Flea Market

3 Posted by 22 February 2013
Second hand shoppping Manchester Markets copyright Creative Tourist
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In the third in our series of out-of-town Manchester Markets, we get our elbows at the ready for a bona fide flea market.

Sick of overpriced “vintage” markets? Try Longsight’s bustling neighbourhood market which, every Tuesday, lays on a thriving flea market that’s a miniature (albeit slightly less glamorous) version of the famous Les Puces in Paris. Sure, there’s a lot of tat here, but if you’re an eagle-eyed sort, and prepared to wade through the rags and the junk, there are bargains galore at knock-down prices. We particularly rate it as a place to snap up vintage glassware, often in mint condition, from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s – such as the sets of six cocktail glasses or champagne saucers for £5 that we spotted on our last visit.

Half the fun at this market is simply in the browsing – as long as you’re prepared to get stuck in

You’ll also find discontinued or retro pieces from names such as Ridgway Potteries and Carlton Ware (both Staffordshire-based makers, back when Stoke was one of the world’s top ceramics centres), and kitsch 1950s enamelled kitchenware such as bread bins. The clothing stalls can yield vintage threads, while several traders sell furniture – it’s occasionally possible to find something approaching antique, such as a 1930s chaise longue. Half the fun is simply in the browsing, though – you may come away empty-handed on occasion, and you need to be willing to get stuck in, but if you do spot something good most stallholders will let you haggle.

  1. Amelia says:

    I’m a bit confused. Last Saturday I was there and the market was mainly food and new clothing, nothing like a flea market place. I saw pictures of the market on Google earth and it shows like the place it IS a flea market with random stuff but when I was there the place was something completely different. Is it a flea market on certain days only? is that possible? Thanks

  2. Amelia says:

    never mind, is only tuesdays :/

  3. Susie Stubbs says:

    Yes, it’s secondhand market on a Tuesday, and a mixed (some secondhand, some new) on a Thursday – happy shopping!

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