The Live Room

Carmel Smickersgill, Tours & Activities Editor
The Live Room
Image courtesy of Olcay Bayir/ The Live Room.

The Live Room, Caroline Social Club, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Shipley, BD18 3JZ – Visit Now

The Caroline Street Social Club is a bastion of culture in Saltaire. However, the standout feature of this intimate venue is a longstanding roots club that attracts crowds from all over Yorkshire and acts from across the country, this is The Live Room. Their series of live roots music celebrates the best of trad and roots and attracts big names from all over the world. Seen as one of the compulsory stops on a tour for any musician working in that genre, crowds gather to experience the energy and excitement of live performance.

Hear the folk traditions of Sweden and Turkey in the heart of Yorkshire

Giants of the scene, such as guitarist and songwriter Martin Simpson, perform on consecutive nights with younger up and coming artists. Both are met with warm and open receptions from the audience. The variety of nationalities and oral traditions represented at The Live Room is always impressive. Discover new bands in the Americanada series or hear the folk traditions of Sweden and Turkey in the heart of Yorkshire. While some may not be able to attend gigs, the Live Room has partnered up with Roots Live to live stream the gigs on their platform of online roots content. You can watch live or watch again via the Roots Live website, meaning you never have to miss a gig.


  • Caroline Social Club, Caroline Street, Saltaire
  • Shipley
  • BD18 3JZ
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