St. Luke’s, Liverpool

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StLukesChurch, image courtesy of venue

A semi-derelict church is a reminder of Liverpool’s history – and an outdoor cinema, music and arts venue.

A subterranean network of tunnels, purpose unknown. A granite pyramid inside a churchyard, the final resting place of a man who insisted he be buried above ground. Liverpool is a city well versed in architectural oddity, yet for all its building-based quirks, perhaps its most poignant is St. Luke’s church.

From a distance, this 19th-century church at the apex of Bold Street is handsome but otherwise unremarkable. Close up, it is anything but. It is bombed out. It has no interior. It is a building that took a direct hit from a German bomb in 1941 and which has, ever since, stood burned out and roofless, a skeletal memorial to the victims of the Blitz. Liverpool suffered more than most during WWII. Its port and location made it vital to the British war effort – and a magnet for German bombs. It was the most heavily bombed city outside London; the incendiary bomb that dropped on St. Luke’s in May 1941 was one of many.

So, after the war it made sense to preserve what was left of St. Luke’s: its walls and glass-less windows, surrounded by a small park, acting a reminder to thousands of Liverpool lives lost.

St Luke’s is now commonly known as ‘The Bombed Out Church’ and hosts a variety of outdoors theatre, concerts, films and even a Garden Bar.

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Tours, outdoor cinema screenings, arts events

What's on near St. Luke’s, Liverpool

Old Dock Tours, Liverpool

The Old Dock tour is a treat for younger and older visitors alike, fans of Liverpool’s maritime past, and anybody curious about local history.

£8.50 with concessions
Is This Thing On? at Shakespeare North Playhouse
Is This Thing On? at Shakespeare North Playhouse

Meet flatmates Mary and Liz, one a musician and the other a poet, as they battle over integrity, ownership, the spotlight and whose turn it is to buy the f*cking toilet roll. As their friendship reaches boiling point, one fateful open mic night forces them to confront each other over whose right it is to tell someone’s story.

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Where to go near St. Luke’s, Liverpool

The Bombed Out Church Garden Bar
Bar or Pub
Bombed Out Church Garden Bar

The legendary bombed-out church, otherwise known as St Luke’s Church, has opened a garden bar in its grounds, offering premium drinks via socially-distanced table service only.

Jimmy's Liverpool
City Centre
Bar or Pub
Jimmy’s Liverpool

Sister venue to Jimmy’s in Manchester, Jimmy’s Liverpool is a bar, restaurant and live venue, hosting late night music, gigs and DJ sets.


Much-loved Liverpool restaurant, specialising in forward-thinking small plate dishes.

City Centre
Café or Coffee Shop
Bold Street Coffee

A super cool cafe at the top of Bold Street, Bold Street Coffee in Liverpool serves a range of specialist coffee, cakes and sandwiches.

City Centre

Junk emporium 69A in Liverpool is the shop that time forgot. It has been peddling vintage wares since 1976.

Food From Nowhere

Food From Nowhere is a weekly vegan cafe held in the basement space of much-loved radical bookshop News From Nowhere. It’s open every Saturday from midday to 5pm.

Event venue
Zap Graffiti

Liverpool’s unique Graffiti encompasses a shop, studio, gallery and spaces for artists, and hosts workshops, murals, kids parties and classes.

City Centre
Café or Coffee Shop
Garden Cafe FACT

FACT Liverpool gets back to its coffee-with-creativity roots thanks to a foliage-full new café.

City Centre
Event venue

FACT Liverpool includes three arthouse cinemas, two galleries, event spaces – as well as an excellent ground-floor cafe and first-floor bar.

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