Sing Gin

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Sing Gin
Sing Gin

Sing Gin, Kettlesing Lane, Harrogate, HG3 2LB – Visit Now

Sing Gin is a gin distillery, based in Kettlesing, North Yorkshire, that produces a delicious, light gin, ideal for everything from parties to a late-night wind-down. But this is a touch different from the traditional distillery as it’s family-run.

Dad, Ian, works with his sons, James and Richard, on distilling the first-ever grape-based gin to come out of Yorkshire. It seems Ian is known as something of a mad scientist when it comes to gin, running through countless experiments with grape alcohol using weird and wonderful botanicals that he sources locally, including flax which they grow on-site.

This gin is delivery only for now, and arrives in beautiful packaging, demonstrating the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect of the item. But how does it taste?

Superb attention to detail has gone into every aspect of Sing Gin

The good news is it’s exceptionally smooth, with some subtle but delicious hints of citrus, spice and just the right amount of floral notes to elevate this gin into something special. Apparently, there are at least seven botanicals that have gone into it, including juniper, mint and orange peel, and they all work in tandem to create something unforgettable. This is something many leagues above anything you might find on the shelves at Bargain Booze.

Our recommendation? Swirl it into a glass of good quality tonic water, a few cubes of ice and a twist of orange for the perfect drink to see out these final days of summer. You can order from their website, linked below, and we’re not going to bring up the ‘Ch’ word, but it’s certainly the kind of gift to buy for that gin-lover in your life.

Many leagues above anything you might find on the shelves at Bargain Booze

As well as gin, twin brothers, James and Richard are also passionate about community spirit and are, in fact, local heroes. Richard is a medal-winning swimmer, having competed in the Commonwealth Championships for England. In his spare time, James can be found rescuing climbers from steep crags in the Dales as part of a mountain rescue team. All this and one of the UK’s finest gins? There must be something special in that Yorkshire water.

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