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Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Miles and Moone
Miles and Moone

Miles & Moone, Online only, PO Box 405, Bolton, BL1 9BF – Visit Now

One of the few good things to come out of the 2020/21 lockdown was the rise in small-scale independent food and drink businesses. With all that time at home, a decent number of people knuckled down and threw themselves into creating something delicious for UK consumers. Northern drinks company Miles & Moone is one of the more notable entries into the field.

Celebrate the first mostly-normal festive season in a long time with a drink around the tree

Based in Bolton, the small team saw the broad appeal of gin and thought bigger and better, turning their attention to vodka. Of course, vodka is seen as the most flavourless of the spirits, so the answer was obvious. Skip forward through a lot of hangover-inducing (and enjoyable) research, and Miles & Moone has come up with a niche range of flavoured vodka that puts the spotlight firmly on taste.

First impressions are very good indeed. The bottles look great: simple, unfussy and stylish, with attractive bright colours for each option. And the sheer amount of choice is where Miles & Moone trounce their peers. There’s everything from the sophisticated (apple and elderflower, lemongrass, orange blossom) to the fun and fancy-free (bubblegum, cream soda, summer punch).

Miles and Moone

The flavours are big and bold, working wonderfully well with the sharpness of the high-quality vodka. And they’re versatile – you could add some plum and blueberry into a cocktail with some berries and a dash of prosecco, or just take a shot on its own. This isn’t the cheapo corner shop vodka you drank with your mates as a teenager, these are elegant bottles designed for all occasions, whether that’s a birthday tipple, a wedding day cocktail or simply to sip at the end of the day.

The flavours are big and bold, complementing the high-quality vodka

Best of all, they made a great gift. And with Christmas looming on the horizon, what better way to celebrate the first mostly-normal festive season in a long time than with a drink around the tree? Although these are available to the public through the online store, you’ll find various bottles at a number of bars and venues across the North-West, so check their website for more details.

The North has a strong history of drinks producers, dating back centuries – Miles & Moone is a worthy addition to that list.

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