Hull Lido

Rory Calland
Hodson Architects

Hull Lido, 94 Albert Ave, Anlaby Rd, HU3 6QE – Visit Now

Back when swimming at lidos was a popular leisure pursuit of British holidaymakers the lido on Albert Avenue in Hull would have been a hive of activity. Unfortunately it replicated the fate of most of the country’s outdoor pools and closed down 25 years ago when their popularity diminished.

Now the council have announced that the old facilities which had fallen largely into disuse are going to be getting a major glow-up to the tune of 4.6 millions pounds. In recent years the water had only been open as part of a kayak club, but now it’s planning to open up its doors to the public once more. In either the summer or autumn of 2022 (along with many other lidos currently being refurbished) it will be gearing up to allow the public into the heated waters of the new pool.

With wild swimming now becoming good-living buzzwords it’s vital that open-air activities are encouraged through proper investment in infrastructure. Much of England’s city-dwelling population don’t have easy access or time to get out to remote countryside swim spots but this new facility will seek to rectify that and become a community hub.

The council have asserted their commitment to following the example of Brighton and Salford by investing in community projects like this. The revival is in full swing and renewing our society’s love of lido culture is just one of the ways we can make a real effort to improve the way we live post-Covid.

Artists’ impressions have given a glimpse of what it will look like when complete, and plans are in place to install a state of the art gym and fitness facility along with the improvements to the existing facilities.

  • 94 Albert Ave
  • Anlaby Rd
  • HU3 6QE
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