Cloudwater Beer Hall

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor
Cloudwater Beer Hall
Cloudwater Beer Hall

Cloudwater Beer Hall, Kampus, Aytoun St, Manchester, M1 3GL – Visit Now

Attention beer-lovers, the mighty Cloudwater Brewery is opening a beer hall at the equally mighty Kampus complex in the Gay Village. Cloudwater has something of a lofty reputation amongst drinkers not only in Manchester but the rest of the UK, so expect something rather special.

It’s taking over the ground floor of Minshull House, which used to be a shipping warehouse back in the good old Victorian era, long before covid was even a twinkle in a pangolin’s eye. As well as plying customers with high-quality beer – including a mysterious-sounding ‘beer tap wall’ – there’ll be a full kitchen serving up hearty local and seasonal food to soak up all that delicious carbonated yeast.

Kampus is be the ideal location, home to some of the most exciting pop-up venues, events and happenings in the city centre

Of course, Cloudwater already has a well-regarded taproom at the Piccadilly Trading Estate and a presence at The Sadler’s Cat near Victoria Station, but this is their biggest venture yet. Kampus should be the ideal location too, home to some of the most exciting pop-up venues, events and happenings in the city centre – including memorable takeover events by Tine last summer, and CT-faves Higher Ground.

Cloudwater co-founder Paul Jones said: “We’re looking forward to joining the community at Kampus, which already includes a number of outstanding independent operators who are a major credit to our city. Manchester means so much to us – far more than simply acting as our home city, it provides us with inspiration, feeds our creative energy and informs our values.

So we’re proud to be able to open another venue in the city, especially one neighbouring Canal Street, which has long been a vital part of the city’s nightlife.”

But when is it opening I hear you cry? Spring, we’re told, so not long now. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so keep checking back for more details.

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