Restaurants in Sheffield

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From artisanal coffee in industrial chic settings to the kind of burritos that can resurrect you post-night out, Sheffield’s got it all. We’re fans of the hearty, indulgent foodie spots that will get you through a day spent exploring the city – here’s our guide to the best restaurants in Sheffield.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Sellers Wheel

    Sellers Wheel, 149 Arundel Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S1 2NU - Visit now

    A laid-back coffee bar and restaurant that’s split into two halves: coffee take-outs from the narrow bar at the front, main meals from the bigger room behind. Excellent coffee, including its own blend, and hearty, relaxed food make this one of Sheffield’s top casual eateries – the street art, industrial chic and healthy mix of clientele don’t hurt either. Sellers Wheel is run by the folks at Tamper.

  • 2. Blue Moon Café

    Blue Moon Café, 2 Saint James Row, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S1 2EW

    It might not be fancy or fashionable, but this vegetarian cafe in the shadow of Sheffield Cathedral does serve up excellent food. Beneath high ceilings and globe-like lights, you’ll find a ready mix of customers, from students to truckers to mums. This is hearty, inexpensive food such as homemade soups, gratins and curries, as well as some stellar sweet treats. Dig in.

  • 3. Rutland Arms

    The Rutland Arms pub in Sheffield
    Gregory Deryckère

    Rutland Arms, 86 Brown Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 2BS - Visit now

    ‘Dogs welcome. Children tolerated.’ The Rutland Arms is a proper pub, complete with jukebox, beer garden – and one of the better pub menus in the city. Bistro style cooking is the name of the game here, and there’s a good range of buttys to boot.

  • 4. Street Food Chef

    Street Food Chef, 90 Arundel Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4RE - Visit now

    Ideal for when you’re in a delicate condition (and no, we don’t mean pregnant – although…), The Street Food Chef does food that’s comforting enough to get you through the day, but also does a good job of rebalancing your nutrition intake with traditional Mexican recipes (the chefs have teamed up with Kurt Bergin Taylor, a GB triathlete, for advice on the menus).

  • 5. Bungalows and Bears

    Bungalows and Bears, 50 Division Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4GF - Visit now

    Bungalows & Bears are all about finger-licking indulgence, American style. Go for towering burgers, spicy wings and fried chicken – as well as the brunch menu and Sunday Roasts. They even do a Brisket poutine, which will please Canadian visitors to the city no end.

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