Restaurants in Sheffield

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Sheffield is perhaps best known for its steel industry, but more recently the city is attracting visitors for its vibrant eateries, restaurants and bars.

From Martin Jennings’ Women of Steel sculpture outside the City Hall to the “Made In Sheffield” stamp on cutlery, there is no doubt that the Steel City wears its industrial history with pride. You’ll find the stories of rich industrial heritage celebrated across the city – not just curated in museums and galleries – but etched in its buildings, the repurposed steel factories and cutlery works. One of the oldest industrial areas in the city, Kelham Island has undergone a renovation in recent years – with many of Sheffield’s top eateries and restaurants occupying spaces here.

New Zealand-influenced café, Tamper Sellers Wheel sits within the Cultural Industries Quarter of the city centre occupying a former 19th-century silversmiths’ workshop. Embracing the industrial aesthetic with stripped floors and exposed brickwork, this eatery offers a laid-back vibe, excellent coffee and superb brunches.

We love Sheffield because its diverse food and drink scene means that it caters to all budgets and occasions. Whether you’re into fine-dining or the idea of street food, this hilly city has you covered.

So, from artisanal coffee in industrial-chic settings to the kind of burritos that can resurrect you post night out, Sheffield’s got it all. We’re fans of the hearty, indulgent foodie spots that will get you through a day spent exploring the city – here’s our guide to the best restaurants in Sheffield.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Rafters

    Ian Jones

    Rafters, 220 Oakbrook Rd, Sheffield, S11 7ED - Visit now

    Rafters isn’t the kind of place you stop by for a quick bite to eat. It’s a fine dining experience that requires an entire evening, invoking cooking techniques up there with Simon Rogan.

  • 2. Tamper Sellers Wheel

    Tamper Sellers Wheel, Sheffield

    Tamper Sellers Wheel, 149 Arundel Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S1 2NU - Visit now

    Excellent coffee, including its own blend, and hearty, relaxed food make this one of Sheffield’s best casual eateries.

  • 3. Oisoi

    Ian Jones

    Oisoi, 2 St Paul's Place, Sheffield, S1 2FJ - Visit now

    A high-quality pan-Asian restaurant in Sheffield’s city centre, Oisoi is worth a visit to the Steel City right now.

  • 4. Street Food Chef

    Street Food Chef

    Street Food Chef, 90 Arundel Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4RE - Visit now

    Comforting and delicious, the Street Food Chef offers nutritious, traditional Mexican dishes (the chefs have teamed up with Kurt Bergin Taylor, a GB triathlete, for advice on the menus).

  • 5. Bungalows and Bears

    Bungalows and Bears

    Bungalows and Bears, 50 Division Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4GF - Visit now

    Bungalows & Bears are all about finger-licking indulgence, American style. Go for towering burgers, spicy wings and fried chicken – as well as the brunch menu and Sunday Roasts. They even do a Brisket poutine, which will please Canadian visitors to the city no end.