Steak Restaurants in Manchester

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

Looking for the best steaks in Manchester? Of course you are. Nothing says luxury (and climate change) like a big slab of meat, cooked medium rare. And Manchester has a whole host of top-class steakhouses in which to blow your hard-earned pay packet. This guide focuses mostly on those restaurants that make steak the headline act of their menu, but we’ve included a few wider-ranging destinations that have superb steak dishes on the menu too.

So, whether you prefer your steak rare, medium or well-done – in fact, no, if you’re eating steak well done you’re barely eating steak at all, begone with you – we have expert recommendations for all the most barnstorming beef-based bistros, brasseries and, er, buffets in town. This one’s for the Desperate Dans amongst us.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Gaucho Manchester

    Gaucho Manchester
    Gaucho Manchester

    Gaucho Manchester, 2a St Mary’s Street, Manchester, M3 2LB - Visit now

    The steak scene in Manchester has hit fever pitch in recent years, with countless newcomers trying to make their mark. But where some places can have a slightly off-putting atmosphere, Gaucho takes a more elegant approach – nothing too pompous or macho, just top-quality produce prepared beautifully, with countless subtle touches that most competitors couldn’t even imagine.

  • 2. Hawksmoor

    Hawksmoor, 184-186 Deansgate, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M3 3WB - Visit now

    A night dining at Hawksmoor doesn’t come cheap. But then, quality rarely does. The steaks are arguably the finest in the city, and the starters aren’t far off. If price is no object, Hawksmoor stands tall among Manchester’s finest restaurants.

  • 3. James Martin Manchester

    Ian Jones

    James Martin Manchester, 2 Watson St, Manchester, M3 4LP - Visit now

    James Martin’s Manchester restaurant delivers a solid high-quality experience. It’s certainly not one for vegetarians, as the most visually impressive and tastiest dishes are all geared around hefty chunks of meat, but it’s a top-drawer option for those of the carnivorous persuasion.

  • 4. Alston Bar & Beef

    Alston Bar & Beef
    Charlie Spargo

    Alston Bar & Beef, Cathedral Street, Manchester, M4 3TR - Visit now

    Alston places itself carefully towards the top end steakhouse – making the bold assertion it’s bringing the best steak to Manchester. Originally set up in Glasgow, they use only the finest Scottish beef, each animal and cut chosen specifically for its quality and flavour by their expert butcher.

  • 5. Wood Manchester

    Ian Jones

    Wood Manchester, Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester, M15 4RA - Visit now

    Wood has plenty to offer, but the steak is there for those with more of an appetite. This hefty slab of flat iron arrives with a hunk of bone marrow butter slowly dissolving into the meat, raising the meatiness quota to near-illegal levels. It’s wonderful and deeply satisfying, as is the double-take purple potato salad that comes with it.

  • 6. The River Restaurant at The Lowry Hotel

    Ian Jones

    The River Restaurant at The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place, Salford, M3 5LH - Visit now

    The Beef Wellington is raved about, and the best is exactly what is delivered – unsurprisingly, considering this is the chef’s favourite dish.

  • 7. Store Street Exchange

    Ian Jones

    Store Street Exchange, 1 Auburn St, Manchester, M1 3DG - Visit now

    The slices of steak at Store Street Exchange are second to none, cooked beautifully pink in the middle and topped with a rich buttery sauce.

  • 8. Tariff & Dale

    Martin Kevill

    Tariff & Dale, 2 Tariff Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 2FN - Visit now

    The bone marrow steak burger here is as good as it sounds, with a dill pickle, two slices of brie and all the crispy veg on a sweet brioche bun above a huge patty.

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