Food and drink delivery in Newcastle

Ian Jones, Food and Drink Editor

In early 2021, food and drink delivery in Newcastle appears to be the key way for food-lovers to keep their minds and mouths active during these lockdown months. A selection of Newcastle’s great establishments have kept their kitchens open for the public, delivering a variety of meals, drinks and dishes to an eager public. It’s possible to collect your food safely, but the venues listed in this guide all offer delivery right to your doorstep to make things a little easier and safer.

There’s a wide range to pick from. From high-end afternoon tea from one of the city’s most beloved independent hotels, to all-vegan pizzas from a brand new company that launched during the midst of lockdown and impressed us in a big way. Not to mention excellent quality Sunday lunches and some dazzling three-course meals from one of Newcastle’s most highly-regarded restaurants.

We food-lovers have had to adapt during lockdown, along with the venues in question. Some restaurants decided to close their doors while others decided to keep feeding the public desire for quality food. As enjoyable as this is, we’re all eagerly anticipating the day when we’ll be able to safely head out and visit these and other restaurants in person. Until then, these dine-at-home options are an ideal way to support the hospitality industry and appease our curious palates before normality returns.

With that in mind, here are some of the best food and drink outlets in Newcastle that are now giving the option of food delivery right to your door. These options include everything from hot takeout meals to more refined options that need a little kitchen know-how and a bit of time to get things right. See it as a way of honing your culinary skills during this period of downtime, but most of all eat, drink and be merry as you possibly can sat on your couch at home.

Here are our picks

  • 1. Sachins

    Courtesy of Sachins

    Sachins, Forth Banks, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3SG - Visit now

    A visit to Sachins is a wonderful experience as a part of your trip to Newcastle and even though you can’t currently make it to the restaurant itself, you can order one or more of their dishes online and taste some of Bob’s amazing, skilful, Punjabi food in the privacy of your own home. This delivery option is available from Thursday to Saturday, and they offer both ‘heat & eat’ (where you reheat the dishes in your kitchen) and the classic hot takeaway. All the available options are on their website, but keep a keen eye on their social media channels for any offers and new choices.

  • 2. Blackfriars

    Courtesy of Blackfriars

    Blackfriars, Friars Street, Newcastle, NE1 4XN - Visit now

    Blackfriars restaurant was founded in 2001 by Andy and his wife and became a culinary powerhouse over the ensuing two decades, so much so that not even lockdown could hold them back. In normal times, this old monastery building is used for baking lessons, wine tasting and cookery courses, but as per official requirements, these are on hold, at least until summer when lockdown eases. For now, try out Blackfriars At Home, a selection of three-course meals to finish off in your kitchen. Full ordering details on their website and beautiful photos splashed all across their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • 3. The Earl Of Pitt Street Pub

    The Earl Of Pitt Street Pub
    Courtesy of The Earl of Pitt Street

    The Earl Of Pitt Street Pub, 70 Pitt Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 5ST - Visit now

    The Earl Of Pitt Street Pub is one of Newcastle’s most prized food and drink destinations. The delights range from a selection of British pub classics on a Sunday, through to a wonderful selection of Asian fusion meals on the a la carte menu. Of course, we’re in the middle of a strict lockdown so in-person visits are out of the question but thankfully, the team are offering a Sunday Lunch lockdown menu. This tends to vary, but all the classic options are there, from Yorkshire puddings, cauliflower cheese and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. These can, and indeed should, be ordered from their website, post haste.

  • 4. Jesmond Dene House

    Jesmond Dene House
    Courtesy of Jesmond Dene House

    Jesmond Dene House, Jesmond Dene Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 2EY - Visit now

    Jesmond Dene House is a beautiful independent hotel, based in the Victorian park of Jesmond Dene. Understandably, they’ve been closed throughout the covid pandemic but fans of their acclaimed afternoon tea offering can purchase this to enjoy at home, to add a little class and colour to these endless lockdown days. This afternoon tea menu includes all the classics, such as scones with jam and clotted cream, dainty little sandwiches and a wide selection of delicious cakes. Sold at £22.50 per person, do note that this requires booking 24 hours in advances, and twice that if you have any specific dietary requirements. Until we can drink from official Jesmond Dene House crockery while wiggling our little finger, this will do the job.

  • 5. Veganizza


    Veganizza, 34-40 Grey Street, Newcastle, NE1 6AE - Visit now

    A vegan diet isn’t just for that post-Christmas month, it’s for life, or at least something to weave into your daily dining habits – and this is where Veganizza comes in. This Newcastle pizzeria is delivering their bake-at-home pizzas throughout lockdown, and hopefully beyond. Each pizza is enough for two people, or one very hungry person who has decided to let loose during lockdown. Pricewise, they compare well to practically every other high-street pizza place but more than this, these creations demonstrate a deep knowledge of plant-based dining you won’t find anywhere else when it comes to ethical fast food.