Yank! at Hope Mill Theatre

Andrew Anderson
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YANK! at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester, 9 March–8 April 2017, from £15.00 - Book now

There are plenty of stories that mix love and war – A Farewell to Arms, The Unbearable Lightness of Being and Henry V just to name a few – but there are very few about romantic love between soldiers. Thankfully new American musical Yank! is here to correct that imbalance, with an impassioned tale set during WWII that is inspired by real-life stories.

Yank!, which first hit the stage in 2005, follows the intertwined lives of Stu and Mitch. Stu is a photographer for the American army’s official magazine, while Mitch is a regular soldier. The two fall for one another, although given that they are in the army at a time when being gay isn’t exactly smiled upon the relationship proves to be a pretty tricky one to sustain.

This is the third major musical for Hope Mill Theatre, following on from the successes of Hair and Parade and makes use of the same creative team. If musicals are your thing there’s no way you won’t love this one, while the dramatic central storyline gives it a universal appeal – is there really anyone out there who doesn’t enjoy a tale of forbidden love?

YANK! at Hope Mill Theatre, Manchester

9 March–8 April 2017
From £15.00