Wow Machine at Boiler Shop

Johnny James, Managing Editor
Brighter Sound

Wow Machine at Boiler Shop, Newcastle, 31 August 2018, free entry - Visit now

More of Brighter Sound’s alumni, Liverpudlian art-pop trio Stealing Sheep lead the fifth Friday night experiment. Spanning kraut, psych, folk and indie, their off-kilter brand of pop has a charmingly mischievous quality. Having released only two albums the band have created an impressively distinctive sound world, characterised most obviously by richly layered vocal harmonies. Packed full of ear worms, their most recent album Not Real features some of their most danceable music. These lush, synth-heavy tunes are at once celebratory and disconcerting in their (wonderful) strangeness.

For The Hexagon Experiment, Stealing Sheep will present a theatrical-musical-dance-art spectacular, in tribute to the electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire. Without quite knowing what to expect, if this live show is anything like their usual sets, it is sure to leave the audience grinning. With the experimental performance producers The Kazimier providing technical wizardry and comedian Helen Keen leading a pre-show conversation with the band, this night’s a sure fire winner.

Wow Machine at Boiler Shop, Newcastle

31 August 2018 5:00 pm
Free entry